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Pretty Puff ❤️by @aleshanokeys “Of course I had a selfie shoot before getting ready for bed. Lol. SN: 5 days until my bday!! Outfits have arrived. Hairstyle was been decided upon. Now I just have to be patient. 😝😝😝 goodnight y’all!😘😘” #hair2mesmerize #naturalhair #natural #curlygirlsrock #healthyhair #naturalhairrocks
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What do you like to do when your stoned?

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Umm chill and listen to music, fuck, go for adventures in the woods, night walks, night swimming…all kinds of stuffff lol




White People: - “Black people are always pulling the race card!”

Alright Alright “no race issue here” how bout we look at it like this Drugs Vs. Seeking a better life for family to raise them healthier in an environment they can grow in and avoid dangers. I didnt bring race in it.

I’ll pass on dodging the clear cut picture of racism because I’m black and I’ll have to face this shit when I’m older. You on the other hand won’t have to because you’re white and have the better upper hand, so I’ll pass on viewing it from YOUR perspective.
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